Neil Patrick Harris gets married

On September 6th, 2014, it was Italian wedding bells and much celebration for Neil Patrick Harris and his long-time partner David Burtka. The couple, who have been together for 10 years, have been denying rumors of an impending split for quite some time. Obviously, the rumors were untrue.

When the ceremony was over they expressed their gratitude to family and friends, simply saying “as you know, many years ago it would not have been possible.” This was certainly a nod to never giving up on your dreams, to overcoming; the fact that Italy doesn’t recognize civil unions or same-sex marriage didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s day.

It was a fairy-tale wedding of sorts, which took place at a beautiful Italian castle. Harris and Burtka’s three year old twins, Gideon and Harper, participated in the ceremony.

Harper was the flower girl. Gideon was the “orange boy,” something that he thought up all on his own. Not wanting to be the ring bearer, he handed out oranges to the guests, instead. This type of creativity makes you wonder if there’s an acting career in his future.

The festivities included magic tricks and a performance by Elton John. You might be surprised to learn that Harris loves magic and serves as the President of the Board of Directors at Hollywood’s Magic Castle. It was a destination wedding at its best.

Harris knew he was gay by the age of seven. Like so many teens, he dated girls but didn’t feel that things were “clicking.” He came out in 2006. In part, because of his then-somewhat-new relationship with Burtka.

He felt and still feels that the process is “a very individual thing” and that coming out in an exploitative way just doesn’t make sense. Countless people agree with this logic. Why? It’s generally sound advice (that I can get on board with!).

Coming out did not have a negative effect on his career, as some might expect. Instead, ratings for “How I Met Your Mother” soared and Harris went on to win two Emmys for his role on the show.

When the couple decided that they wanted to become fathers, they made the decision to meet and interact with their surrogate but not the egg donor. The surrogate received one embryo from each man and the rest is history… or as Harris and Burtka like to refer to it, “odd science.”

If you’re a NPH fan, chances are high that you’re aware of fact that he’s definitely a family man. Now that he’s married, he no longer has to defend himself in regard to rumors of a split. Here’s hoping to a happily ever after.